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Frequently Asked Questions

What our Clients are asking...

Do children and members of the bridal party count towards the number of guests?
Yes, everyone except for the Bride and Groom counts as a guest regardless of age.  The number of guests is based on the total number of people on site, including children, witnesses, bridal party and any outside vendors. 

I’m planning an outdoor wedding.  What happens if it rains?
No worries!!  We have a beautiful open air covered veranda that is available in the event it should rain on your wedding day. 

I only want a location to have my wedding.  Can I rent out just the space, chairs and tables?
Our purpose is to provide affordable all inclusive wedding packages, therefore we do not offer the option to rent just the space and/or equipment alone.

What is your maximum capacity?
Our maximum capacity is 50 outdoors in our Garden or Veranda and 12 indoors in our Wedding Chapel.

Can I add more guests to the wedding packages?
You may have the option of adding guests in increments of 10 up to a maximum of 50 guests.  Restrictions are based on the package you select.  Prices for additional guests are listed with each package.  All larger weddings are held outdoors in the garden and veranda.  Elopements do not offer the option of adding guests.

How far in advance should I reserve my Wedding?
Our schedule fills up quickly.  We reserve on a first come first served basis, so you should reserve your wedding as soon as possible in order to guarantee your day.  Elopements can be scheduled with as little as 24 hour notice, or even on the day of, subject to availability.

Can I schedule a tour of the facility?  Tours and site visits are available for Wedding Ceremonies only.  Please call us to make an appointment.  In order to keep Elopement prices as low as possible, we do not offer tours, site meetings, or consultations for Elopements.  Reservations for Elopements are made via phone or e-mail.     

I definitely want to have my Wedding at Villa Rose Gardens, but won't be able to reserve it for a week or two.  Can you hold a date for me?
Unfortunately we are unable to hold any dates.  Our reservations are made on a first come first served basis so it's important to make your reservation as soon as possible.  Although a date may be available when you contact us, there is no guarantee it will still be available when you are ready to reserve.  Please do not send out invitations or make wedding plans for a specific date unless you have a confirmed reservation!

What is required to reserve my Ceremony?
In order to reserve a wedding or elopement, we require some basic information, and a NON-refundable reservation fee.  

Will I have to get a Marriage License in the State of Washington or do you get it for us?
You will be required to personally obtain your Marriage License documents in the State of Washington.  This is not something we can do for you.  You can apply for it in any County and it will be valid anywhere in the State.  We will take care of the recording of the license.  Many of our packages include a souvenir keepsake marriage certificate, however this is not an official State of Washington certificate.

What method of payments do you accept?
We can accept checks, money orders or cash. 

Can I add more guests or make any changes to the Elopement Packages? 
Elopements do not offer the option for making any changes or adding more guests. 
They are designed to provide limited services for a very quick and informal private ceremony with only a few witnesses.  They are not appropriate for a larger number of guests, nor are they intended to be a less expensive alternative to a traditional wedding ceremony which would be able to accommodate a larger number of guests. We do not offer the option of making any changes or adding any extra guests to the Elopement packages.

What's the difference between an Elopement and a Wedding?
Elopements can be a truly misunderstood and sometimes over rated type of ceremony.  A "true" elopement is a very quick, private, informal, sometimes secret ceremony consisting of the Bride, Groom and two witnesses.  These are often spur of the moment decisions that are scheduled with little notice, similar to a "courthouse wedding" although in a much more beautiful and romantic setting with a few extras.  They are perfect for the couple who wants a no frills, no fuss, let's get married quickly type of ceremony.  Our first package, the "Simple I Do" elopement is a "true" elopement.  We also list our "Short & Sweet" and "Splendor in the Grass" packages as elopements. While they are still very simple informal ceremonies, they do provide a few more extras.  Package #2 & #3 are designed for couples who have a few more people they would like to attend, such as siblings, children, or parents that would otherwise not be able to attend the basic elopement package. However, they are limited to a MAXIMUM of 8 attendants. 

Even though our elopements are very nice ceremonies, due to their very quick, informal and limited nature, they are not adequate for a larger number of guests.  Some couples will try to pass off an inexpensive elopement as a wedding ceremony... bad idea!  Sorry, but we learned the hard way a long time ago that it makes us look bad when guests arrive expecting a full wedding ceremony but instead come to participate in a quick elopement. Therefore, elopements will always be limited in what they provide.  Elopements should NEVER be considered as a replacement or less expensive version of a traditional wedding ceremony.

A Wedding Ceremony is a more formal pre-planned ceremony with all the elements you would expect in a wedding.  Weddings are meant for those couples who wish to celebrate with a group of family and friends in attendance with all the bells and whistles. 

We have children from a previous relationship.  Can we include them in our Ceremony?
Absolutely!!!  Marriage is not only the uniting of two people, but the uniting of two families.  Children are often unsure and insecure about how they will fit into this new union.  They worry about taking a back seat or being pushed aside for your new spouse or any other children that may be part of this union.  By including all the children in your Wedding Ceremony, you are showing them that they are a vital part of your lives.  It affirms that in addition to both of you committing to each other as a married couple, you are also committing to each and every one of your children equally.  Acknowledging their significant role in your new family is a very important step in reassuring them.  We have many beautiful ways of including your children to emphasize your love and enduring devotion to them.  These ceremonies can be the most touching and heartwarming of all, and the reason they are my personal favorites.  For more information, ask about our Blended Family Ceremonies.

Do the Wedding Packages include a reception?  If not, can I add a reception?
The only package that includes a reception is the "I Do and Celebrate Too" wedding package. At this time, we are not offering the option of adding a reception to any other package.

Is alcohol allowed on the premises?
In compliance with our King County Permit restrictions,
Villa Rose Gardens is strictly a no-alcohol facility.  Alternatives such as sparkling cider may be served.

Do you provide food/catering for receptions or can I bring my own?
We do not provide any food or catering services.  You are welcome to choose your own caterer or bring your own home cooked food.

How many Ministers do you have?
We have two on site.  A primary Minister and a backup Minister in case of emergencies.

We live out of state.  How can we plan to have our wedding at Villa Rose Gardens?
With all the natural beauty and countless attractions Washington State has to offer, Villa Rose Gardens is the perfect location for you destination wedding. We can coordinate all your plans and arrangements via phone, e-mail, fax or standard mail and have everything ready for you when you arrive.

What type of pictures do you take?
Pictures are taken according to what is included in the package you select.  For wedding packages, the majority of photos are taken during the ceremony and certificate signing.  A dedicated Photo Session providing portraits and/or group photos in a variety of additional settings is included in some of our packages or can be added as an extra option. We often take many more photos than are included in each package.  However the number of photos you receive will be based on the number and type of photos included in your package.  Clients often request that we take additional portraits or group photos.  Those are available for purchase at an additional charge.  VRG will select the best photos to send you according to your package.

Can I buy more pictures of my ceremony beyond what's included in a package?
Additional photos can be added at an extra charge.  You can also add a larger photo package to any ceremony.

Do you perform Ceremonies at other locations?
Yes, on a limited basis depending upon availability.  Please contact us at 206-229-9344 for more information.

Can I bring my pets?
Pets are not allowed on the premises.  However, we may consider requests based upon certain circumstances.  Any exceptions will be at the sole discretion of Villa Rose Gardens.